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Old Dominion Soap Company

[scent free] Just Soap

[scent free] Just Soap

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Back to basics. Less is more. Simple. Minimalist. Limited Ingredients.

However you want to spin it . . . this is the soap for every[body].

Whether you are scent-sensitive or just subscribe to the less is more philosophy (which is important when you are talking about your skin), our [scent free] Just Soap is the perfect addition to your sink or shower. Each bar is approximately 4 oz.

Two varieties: the classic and an oatmeal version if you like natural exfoliation.

Three ways to purchase: wrapped individual bars, brown bag duo, and a brown foursome.

*Please note: the duo and the foursome soaps are not individually wrapped--they come packaged together, unwrapped, in an eco-friendly brown bag.

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, oatmeal (if that variety is selected)

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