filthy clean

Hi, we are filthy clean. 👋🏻 Fancy seeing you here. 🦄

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Established in 2015. Took a break in 2022. And back in action (kind of) in 2024.

So, who are we? What are we? And why are we under the Old Dominion Soap Company umbrella? ☔

IYKYK. BUT, if you don't--here's the low down. 

I am the daughter of the Soap Lady. After many years of helping Carole with ODSoap--many shows, many shops, many everything . . . we decided that we wanted to branch out. Do something a little different. Something a little more fun. And filthy clean was born. 

filthy clean has *always* been a side project. It's been juggled between raising two kids, getting remarried, having another kid, and working full-time. We had a great run: made the dopest of soap, the most magical waterless lotion, and legendary lip balm. We were even picked up by several Whole Foods. But, family (and sanity!) comes first. And we took a nice long break.

I knew it wasn't going to be forever. And I also knew that I couldn't do a standalone business. So, here we are. Back home with ODSoap. Long story short: filthy clean is now just a sub-brand of ODSoap. This allows us to keep going creatively, but also to simplify.

Even at 40, you can always come back home. 😂 

The filthy clean fam: Kim, Robbie, Chloe, Claire, and Cara